About Us

We are new.

We are different.

We are Outback Astronomy and we’d love to share our sky with you.

We are a new business in Broken Hill, NSW.

We offer personalised tours of the night sky.

These are entertaining experiences.

We will take you on a virtual cruise across the Milky Way Galaxy some evenings. On others, we’ll let the moon stand out as the celebrity feature.

We’ll highlight the intriguing facts and showcase dazzling sky objects.

These night sky shows offer interesting information in delectable bites. They are easy to understand.

Astronomy does not have to be difficult. We make it fun!


What you can expect

Your sky tour will engage you in naked eye and binocular-assisted viewing techniques.

You will learn how to identify some amazing objects in the vast outback sky.

All you do is look and listen! You will clearly hear the guide through your personal audio gear.

Show length is 60 minutes, with additional time for eyes to adjust to darkness.

This is why we ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the show start time. You must not be late as vehicle headlights will ruin the vision adjustment period.

It is most important to read the Useful Show Information.

We seek to continuously improve this experience and we will value your suggestions. After you’ve had your sky tour, be sure to give us Feedback about your experience.

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The temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius from April to November in Broken Hill.

We host our shows outdoors under the brilliance of the vast outback skies. You dress appropriately for cold conditions to maximise your enjoyment of the sky shows.

Wear several layers of clothing including thermal underclothes if you have them. You can always peel off layers if you are warm.

We suggest you wear:

  • Full length trousers and shirt – warm or thick fabrics
  • A combination of warm vest, jacket, wind jacket, overcoat
  • Scarf, beanie, gloves
  • Closed in shoes or boots with warm socks

Our New Premises

These images show works at our new premises that have transformed your sky show experience.

Our flat, open sky dome is fully fenced and purpose built to enable delivery of a most spectacular sky encounter.

Plans are underway to further develop the site to include an observatory. More information will be posted in The Observatory Project soon!