A special sight for many visitors to Broken Hill is the “fast moving star” –  the glint of light that seems to move amongst stars.

This is... Read more

Australian Space Agency

An Aussie space agency is being spoken about out loud!

It was just the other evening at a sky show on the 5th or 6th July – either Not... Read more

Australian Space Agency

Will there be an Australian Space Agency soon?

That’s an ASA, no “N”.

Let’s hope so.

If you are one of Australia’s hot,... Read more


While most people are fascinated by space, the  terminology and status of space missions can seem confusing and become a blur.

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Broken Hill

There are many persons in our lives we admire and look up  to.

Here’s one of Outback Astronomy’s favourite souls and he’s also a standout... Read more


The 100 finalists in the Mars One selection process will be nervous now!

The first several groups of four crew members will be selected... Read more


If you are in Broken Hill tonight and want to view the super moon, keep a watch on the NE horizon from 7.10 pm tonight!

The Moon should... Read more


Outback Astronomy, only 28 months young as a tourism enterprise, has won gold in our regional tourism awards.

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When will Australia join the space race?

Ultimately, there are lots of young people in Australia who see their future careers in space. To... Read more

Space Base

Outback Astronomy has a new home and the sign went up today.

Fittingly, the “Space Base”, as it’s been christened, has lots of space for... Read more