ASA (without the N) soon?

Australian Space Agency
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Will there be an Australian Space Agency soon?

That’s an ASA, no “N”.

Let’s hope so.

If you are one of Australia’s hot, bright, young stars, not the luminous plasma type in the night sky, but a talented, inspired and clever person, then listen up!

Better still, read up!

Read this paper on how our leading minds propose to advance Australia into the space age – and it starts by putting a space agency in place! SIAA White Paper - Advancing Australia in Space

With any luck, you may be able to look back in a decade or so and remember when you read up on how Australia finally came in from the void and began to reposition itself in space, with a new structure or agency, providing policy, direction and coordination.

Hopefully, 2017 is the year we get a space agency for Australia!

Once upon a time, many decades ago, Australia had a respectable presence, one of leadership and innovation, in the global space industry

Of the 35 nations that are members of the OECD, Australia stands out as the only one without a national space agency. Even many of the nations in the so-called “emerging economies” have space agencies, eg China, India and Brazil.

We all know that Russia is a key leader in space too, with many of the “-stan” countries nearby contributing too.

Overall, around 70+ nations on Earth have a space agency, so what’s holding us back?

Busy with other things, no doubt.

However, we know the result of not having an Australian Space Agency. Australia’s young, clever minds are missing out on opportunities to engage in the most exciting fields of innovation and technology!

This is not just Outback Astronomy saying this. This is what the Australian Government said in 2008 when it looked inside itself via a Senate committee.

It will be 10 years in 2018 since we realised how remiss we’ve been as a nation.

Please, let it not be another full decade before the agency is created.