Asteroid mining treasures mapped online

The #vanguards and global community who kick-started the citizen science #Arkyd project must be thrilled with the exciting times ahead for Planetary Resources and parallel companies who are taking #asteroidmining to the next level.

Outback Astronomy takes in naked eye viewing of the night sky at the Broken Hill Race Course and we are particularly aware of the great number of man-made satellites that stream overhead every evening. Our sky show attendees from light polluted areas of the globe are happily stunned when they realise what they are looking at!

However it is really the dark side of space that is most compelling. Among hot topics are asteroids and space junk. The potential threats to orbiting satellites as well as Earth. But it is asteroid mining that’s all the buzz around the globe at present.

When Planetary Resources launched its new website recently, we were delighted to see the asteroid treasure map representation of the exploration feats that await this and future generations of miners! #BrokenHill is an iconic mining town which has been a powerhouse in driving wealth development across the globe for more than 130 years.

Things are about to change, dramatically ... Check out what lies ahead in asteroid mining at and ponder the exciting, cavalier human exploits of the future.

Image: Artist’s impression of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft about to take a sample from asteroid Bennu (NASA/Goddard/Chris Meaney)