Discover the relaxing way to gaze

People mistakenly think astronomy requires a powerful telescope and a high mountain in Chile.

Well, that would be nice if you were a student of astrophysics, but most of us are average-minded when it comes to checking out the heavens.

At Outback Astronomy we show you that you don’t need expensive equipment or the high peaks of distant lands to enjoy the southern sky.

We give you simple information you can use at any time, any place, whenever you look up into a clear sky.

You’ll find hours and hours of future fun on camping, backpacking or caravanning trips in Outback Australia.

Our sky shows kit you up with the basic knowledge you can use to enjoy your evenings wherever you go. You might just launch yourself into a new hobby or lifelong passion.

We have been looking at Jupiter recently (pictured by Hubble Space Telescope).

Although we don't see the scars of the violent storms up close the way Hubble can, we gain appreciation for our ultra clear skies in Broken Hill.

We are so lucky to have great views of this gaseous giant and on occasions all four of its larger moons.

Cities with their extensive light pollution cannot deliver views like we have.

When in Broken Hill, come along to a sky show and discover the relaxing way to gaze.