Excitement builds for Mars

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Space Mining & Asteroids

More rocket engine testing will happen in August 2015 as part of the long lead up to the manned mission to Mars.

The test by NASA in Mississippi is to verify engines are performing as required.

These rocket engines will take astronauts on missions to an asteroid and also to Mars.

There is a lot of effort underway for these missions and most of it silently happening in the background, not making much in the way of headlines in the news.

Astounding! History in the (albeit, very slow) making for humanity and yet most of us are unaware!

This new space exploration vehicle will be the most powerful ever built.

For each component along the way, there are tests and more tests.

That’s why these missions are a little way off, but the clock is counting down. Asteroid contact by humans is planned for 2025 and for Mars is in the 2030s.

Of course, there is still the Mars One mission to watch out for –  perhaps earlier.

Image credit: NASA, the new vehicle for deep space exploration