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An Aussie space agency is being spoken about out loud!

It was just the other evening at a sky show on the 5th or 6th July – either Not Phased! or was it Moon Tonight – when we most recently said words like this:

“It would be great if the Australian Government caught up with the rest of the world and created a space agency”

Ears must have been burning in Canberra because Outback Astronomy heard radio news today in which it was announced former CSIRO boss, Dr Megan Clark, is to head a panel that will review this very topic!

Finally we (Australia) have some traction on this slippery topic that’s never been uttered for long in any government conversation.

It is great news that we (Australia) are about to seriously consider this matter.

Let’s again suggest we read the Space Industry Association of Australia white paper, at this link, SIAA White Paper - Advancing Australia in Space to discover the bulk of the overarching facts.

The white paper is extremely well researched and succinct.

Our bright moonlit sky shows often make mention of our nation’s rather tardy approach to space innovation.

It’s amazing that, as we gaze at the yellow-orange disk low on the horizon, so few people know about the mission to the moon that requires teams to launch by the end of this year!

Fewer still know of one large space agency’s plan to build ‘Lunarville’ at the lunar south pole with preliminary work starting next year.

Australia’s high reliance on foreign owned space infrastructure is risky in today’s global environment.

Something catastrophic could stop the GPS network from working in a moment and then where would we be?

We won’t know because our phones and vehicles will be clueless!

Regrettably the vast majority of the population will also be clueless as celestial navigation is now almost an ancient skill!

Here is a news link for the news on the appointment of Dr Clark.

And this one for more background:

Image:  Moonface sketch created by Outback Astronomy!