Humans go to Mars in 2031

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The 100 finalists in the Mars One selection process will be nervous now!

The first several groups of four crew members will be selected this year.

They will be the humans who will colonise Mars.

After a few years of repositioning and strategy-setting, the mission has hotted up with its listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The first Mars-bound team is now expected to depart Earth in 2031, following years of training, not to mention lobbying!

This is an exciting experiment  in many ways as Mars One introduces the serious stuff of space exploration to reality entertainment. An audience is expected to participate in crew selection in 2031, the year when this task currently is scheduled.

It’s a new business model for space endeavours. NASA and other agencies are always struggling to gain their budgetary requirements.

Mars One is a new way to spark interest in space and the technology developments necessary to transport humans to Mars, and to enable them to survive and thrive there.

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Photo credit: – buy a poster here to support the cause! Come see ours at Outback Astronomy, signed by the chairman and cofounder of Mars One, Bas Lansdorp.