Immerse yourself in a viewing experience

The optimum sky viewing season in Broken Hill is arguably all year on any clear night. However, if you wanted to be picky you could align this period with occasions when your favourite objects are in the sky.

Outback Astronomy’s favourite object is the ancient star cluster called Omega Centauri and it is high enough in the sky now for many more months of gazing during 2014.

People who prefer early evenings (early dinners, early to bed) may think the end of daylight saving is an optimum time – from 6 April 2014 – since the sky is darker much earlier.

Lifestyle habits, weather conditions and the appearance of amazing objects are all good reasons to have a preferable time for star gazing.

No matter when this is, the clear Broken Hill skies offer excellent viewing experiences.

There is always something great to see and something new to learn.

For example, as Mars rises, one can’t help but contemplate the lifestyle of future generations as they colonise the rusty planet. It is likely to happen – especially if Mars does indeed become a stepping stone to enable more economic space exploration adventures in future decades.

We explain these exciting prospects and other fascinating topics as you gaze up during our night sky shows.