Just how cool is our Moon?


We begin to see the evening sky in Broken Hill brighten up with the crescent moon growing bigger until the next full moon in March.

It is a joy to observe it during this time. But this is not necessarily everyone’s opinion!

Since commencing sky shows for Outback Astronomy we admit we now pay more attention to knowing more about the moon. We now respect it as an essential part of our night sky.

The moon waxes for another 10 nights until it is full. Then it wanes, for another two weeks until it is “new” again.

The cycle is repetitive. We admit, we used to take our moon for granted. Few of us take time to research and understand this natural satellite of ours – probably because it’s always there. We never think of our sky without it. We have become complacent.

However, without the moon, there would probably be no “us”. That is, no Broken Hill,  no heritage city, no Australia, no Earth!

We have a lot to thank the moon for and number one on the list is our existence.

We take time to explain this in our special section on the moon in various sky shows.

But for now, whenever you see the moon in the sky, night or day, remember it is serving a phenomenally important purpose – your ability to live!

That’s pretty cool, even awesome.

Photo credit: NASA on The Commons