Mars One candidate: “I want to represent our species”

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Josh Richards wants to go to Mars and never come back to Earth.

Outback Astronomy spoke to Josh briefly to explore his motivation for the most challenging mission yet for the human species.

Josh, a Perth boy who now lives in Melbourne, says he wants to go to Mars for probably the same reasons why Outback Astronomy does naked eye observing for people.

“I want you to point out Mars to the kids and tell them someone is living there. I want to represent our species.”

His priority is to settle Mars for the human species, along with three others. He wants to be selected to crew the first mission to Mars in about 2025.

Read all about this exciting mission and its candidates here:

Josh has a one in 25 chance of being selected. Candidates originally numbered over 200,000 and the selection process has left just 100. There are 4 places to fill.

His life experience to date makes him a perfect fit – physicist, engineer, comedian amongst other talents. Read about him here and watch his short video:

At just 29 Earth years of age, you’d expect he’d be thinking about marriage and children. Not Josh.

When Outback Astronomy caught up with him yesterday, he was on his way to a sperm bank. He’s serious about taking all steps needed to fit with his chosen life path.

He wants to do something extraordinary and he wants to change lives.

We asked Josh, if successful, what his first words would be as he stepped onto the Martian surface.

“No one will care what I have to say. The reality is I won’t be the first one. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was a woman who took the first step?”

As for his Mum and Dad … now that the initial horror and shock of Josh’s ambitions have washed over them, they fully support his journey to explore and expand interplanetary space for humanity.

Yes Josh. You are amazing. 100% support from Outback Astronomy and we look forward to pointing out Mars to the kids! We’ll be highlighting one of the upsides to Martian life too.

Eg, let’s say Josh lands on Mars on his birthday, 17 August 2025. He’ll be 40 Earth years old. But he will age at half the Earth rate thereafter since Mars takes almost two Earth years to orbit the Sun!

Photo:  Josh Richards and Linda from Outback Astronomy