Miners can drool over the rusty planet

The largest volcano on Mars is Olympus Mons. At 26 km tall it’s three times higher than Mount Everest.

This is a mammoth object.

At 624 km diametre, Adelaide and Broken Hill could be hugging opposite sides if the middle of Olympus was sitting on top of the lovely township of Oodla Wirra.

The biggest volcano on Earth is in Hawaii and is only 10 km high and 120 km wide. That’s a Broken Hill to Menindee (NSW) size volcano – no comparison.

Outback Astronomy steps up the information sessions on Mars in the Milky Way Overview sky shows now that it’s rising and looking beautiful in red.

All the iron ore miners in Australia can only drool though – all that iron oxide is likely to stay on the surface for some time yet. New technologies and approaches to mining will have a crack at accessing resources like this in the future though.

....Though listen to the link below with ABC radio talking to the NASA boss .... the 2030s is not really that far off for colonising Mars and mining options will be ramped up no doubt.

Great views of Mars are coming up soon.

On 8 April 2014, Mars will be 92 million km from Earth. That’s quite a distance but it’s closer than two years ago when Mars was 100 million km away.

However, it’s nowhere near where as close as Mars will be in 2018 when it will be a mere 57 million km from Earth. At this time, Mars will be amazingly up close and much easier to see. It will be bold and bright.

Here's the link to the interview with the NASA chief, Charles Bolden: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/nasa-chief/5333120