Mining goes up!

It would be fitting one day to show the mining elders of Broken Hill, the great pioneers of mining, the future of where resources extraction is heading. It’s not going to be jumbos or dump trucks underground either. Listen up! Mining in the future – the not too distant future – will be above our heads. Mining asteroids will become a specialty and a reality.

That's asteroid Eros pictured, one of NASA's many shots of asteroids. They all look similar - like potatoes that would be great for making chips! Outback Astronomy has educational and entertainment objectives. As we establish the commercial side of the business, we focus on topics that are popular, interesting and extraordinary. Asteroid mining is on the way to becoming a reality and it is an extraordinary twist in the mining industry.

Check out and their plans. Others are also looking at this, including NASA. I also recall someone in Broken Hill at last year’s Mining Symposium chatting about this topic. At least one astronaut who stepped onto the Moon (Buzz Aldrin)  is engaged by one of the other asteroid mining company hopefuls. Asteroids contain elements like iron (up to 80%), nickel, cobalt, iridium, platinum, gold, palladium magnesium, plus water. So if you thought that the Earth based resources were becoming scant – no problems. There are plenty of asteroids up there. Thousands, and many new ones are discovered each year.

Outback Astronomy will try to keep up with these developments and embed this type of news into our Sky Shows for your information and awareness.