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Thank you to all people who have attended an Outback Astronomy sky show.

You're support has given us valuable experience in delivering interesting, informative and entertaining virtual cruises of our night sky.

It was with some low confidence levels that we nominated our business in a regional tourism awards event. It's called the 2015 Travel In Inland Tourism Awards and it celebrates tourism in regional NSW.

Early July,  2015, we were advised that we became a finalist in our category.

That was sensational news for us as Outback Astronomy is still in start up mode and we are still learning and growing.

To all who have supported us, we sincerely thank you.

Thanks especially to Fergal and Sohal, and other unknown people from our awesome web team. Thanks to Patrick and the team at the VIC! Thanks to all the accommodation owners in Broken Hill who keep our brochures safe for new visitors to Broken Hill.

For all who have laboured over social media and tourism review sites, thank you. You have helped grow our little business. Keep it up though, we have much growth to achieve.

Each time you make a booking with us, you reinforce the undying interest in our visible sky and the invisible wonders beyond our world.

With some terrific skies out here in far western NSW, fully free of light pollution, we are truly blessed to be able to see the lovely Milky Way band and some of the incredible constellations first imagined thousands of years ago.