Passionate about Saturn

Broken Hill, NSW, in the heart of outback Australia is a great place to soak up space and time.

Some of the locals have taken this to the ultimate level - the stars and planets.

We at Outback Astronomy just love this simple but sincere video about the passion for space harboured by Trevor Barry. Click here to understand how he embarked on his amazing journey into planetary science: (you may need to copy the link into your browser)

This is great video and story-telling about a man who is passionate, or obsessive, about his favourite thing to do - observing Saturn, the other planets, the deep sky and the stars. Trevor has had no time to rest for much of 2014 so far, as Saturn has been looming large overhead, 1.4 billion km away for most of the year.

Trevor's work is amazing. He is revealing facts and data about Saturn that help to shape the knowledge and understanding of humankind.

We are so lucky in Broken Hill to be enjoying lovely clear skies and fantastic views of Saturn - particularly during this last new moon phase. It has been fantastic viewing. Saturn viewed through a telescope with rings clearly glowing is one of the things every person must have on their "to do"  lists.