Send your selfie to NASA 22 April

NASA is celebrating Earth Day 2014 by inviting citizens to post selfies from their location, anywhere in the world.

This is a great opportunity to showcase Broken Hill’s iconic mining and tourism status.

In addition, people in Broken Hill can appear on NASA’s global map to be recognised as people who are sensitive to Earth’s future and supportive of science and space initiatives!

NASA hopes to reinvigorate interest in Earth science by doing so. Education in Earth science (and technology) go hand in hand and future generations from Broken Hill can play a part in future discoveries.

In fact, Earth science, technology and mining in space will all be related in the future in ways we cannot comprehend today. So continue to put effort into teaching your children that jobs of the future are yet to be defined.

Pose for your selfie when out and about. Go to this link to find out more.

Find the downloadable sign to print  (see image  with this blog post). Ensure you write “Broken Hill” in big print using a nice dark pen, to include your location in the image.

We would welcome your posting on Outback Astronomy’s Facebook site too. We have many iconic locations in our district so get to work!

Use hashtag #GlobalSelfie in your online postings. Get some global exposure for our unique place on Earth.