Skipping the red road trip to market

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Outback Astronomy Announcements

In this web space, we don’t want to be focusing too much on Outback Astronomy and whatever we get up to, but this is something we must blog about!

We’re off to Google HQ in Sydney to participate in a masterclass about all things "online marketing".

This is exciting and daunting at the same time.

Exciting - because learning new things always delivers a great feeling of empowerment. We should become better equipped to attract new visitors to Broken Hill and grow this business in new ways.

Daunting - because online marketing is a well-worn paddock and we constantly wonder how to stand out from millions of other messages that flash across screens every second.

Undoubtedly, that’s why Google has the edge and the experts  smiley!

Globally, humanity has yet to unleash the true power of the Internet. It should be enabling business growth in isolated regions and assisting with the decluttering of high density living areas in cities.

It is competitions like the Regional Online Heroes that will help many better understand the opportunities.

Here’s the link to the information about the competition we entered, and the list of the 10 lucky finalists.

Apparently someone amongst the finalists will be crowned “Sadalsuud”. In the constellation Aquarius, Sadalsuud is a star, also known as Beta Aquarii, whose Arabic name means "the luckiest of the lucky".

Thank you to the RAI (Regional Australia Institute) and Google for awarding opportunities like this to non-city folk in business.

Thank you to the judges too. A jury with a Deputy Prime Minister on board is impressive!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to notice us all.

Thanks to our web designers and developers!

Of course, we look forward to showing all readers and supporters the Broken Hill sky any time you travel here.

Photo from Outback Astronomy: A random road outback near Broken Hill. In the Google masterclass, we’ll learn how to skip the slow red dirt journey and do things better online!