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Space Base
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Outback Astronomy Announcements

Outback Astronomy has a new home and the sign went up today.

Fittingly, the “Space Base”, as it’s been christened, has lots of space for our future plans.

Historically it was a former communications base of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill.

Apparently, Her Majesty The Queen visited the “Space Base” in the ‘50s to give the flying doctor service the “royal” moniker.

More on the history will be revealed over time and we’ll set up a display at the Space Base too so that visitors can get the facts first hand.

Today the brand new Outback Astronomy sign went up. It’s at 18817 Barrier Highway, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

This is a significant milestone for our little astro-tourism business. We hope to make many more improvements to the site over the coming years.

To all our friends and followers locally, around the state and nation, and around the globe, please do check us out when next in Broken Hill.

Check us out on Google Maps and you can confirm we have a lovely dark sky site on the edge of the beautiful mining city of Broken Hill.

There’s nothing but blackness in the sky when the moon’s not out and about. Even with the first quarter moon in our faces the other evening, it was still beautiful and dark for our sky show.

Although, we must note, there was a surprising “Tooooot, tooooot” from a passing passenger train!

We now know that the weekly arrivals from Sydney will pass us by on a Monday night at around 7pm! A quaint 'extra' for a sky show. The train driver had no idea he was so well noticed when he tooted his “hello”!

Keep a watch on this blog for more updates and information as changes occur and the business evolves.

Image: Stacey and Isaac from Fast Print Studio put the sign up at the new Space Base for Outback Astronomy.