This super moon is super special


If you are in Broken Hill tonight and want to view the super moon, keep a watch on the NE horizon from 7.10 pm tonight!

The Moon should rise here about 7.15pm on the flat horizon and it will be super bright, super big and super special.

This is the closest the Full Moon has been to Earth since Australia Day in 1948 and it won’t be this close again until 25 November 2034 (note – make diary note).

Tonight it will be 356,509 kilometres from us.

If you have ever been to one of our Moon Feature sky shows you’ll know that I round up the Earth-Moon distance to 380,000 kilometres.

Well not this Wednesday night, 16 November 2016 when we start up our November sky shows again!

I’ll have to drop off 20,000 kilometres or so. We’ll be doing a special view of the moonrise on Wednesday night, at the tail end of the sky show.

By the way, super moons might sound impressive, but there’s hardly any perceptible difference to us when watching them from Earth.

So, if you want to embellish the experience tonight, make sure you get a silhouette of a lovely gum tree in your view when watching the moonrise.

The tree will make the Moon look much more impressive in size!

Photo credit: Outback Astronomy… smart phone stuck on telescope.