Tell the world about our Aboriginal Skies


Part of the bigger picture for Outback Astronomy involves setting up our people (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) in new jobs and new businesses that celebrate ancient knowledge of the skies through the eyes of Indigenous Australians.

Things we may know and may take for granted should be considered special to others - especially international visitors. It's our goal to prepare our city of Broken Hill and our region of Far West NSW for new visitation from people who will relish the chance to learn more about Aboriginal Skies.

Outback Astronomy will have flyers for the presentation at the Festival of Respect closing event at Patton Street Park.

Our presenter, Paul Curnow, is a world-class authority on this topic - so we will be hearing from the best. His knowledge is deep and easily communicated.

There is an event on our facebook page and you can show support here. 

Come see Outback Astronomy at the park tomorrow and we can talk further about our  plans!