For those curious about holiday stargazing

Family outback stargazing
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Spring is here and it’s great for gazing while the Milky Way is still overhead.

These school holidays why not visit outback NSW for a spot of stargazing?

This time of year brings customer queries like these:

Q. Is it suitable for children?

A. Yes, however we don’t recommend it for children aged 0 to 5 years.

Q. Can I drive to the venue?

A. Yes, we're just five minutes from the edge of Broken Hill. We suggest drive at 60km/hr if you are not familiar with the dark conditions. The highway roadside is flat and clear of vegetation, enhancing driver vision.

Q. Is it clear every night?

A. Most often, yes. If you are mad keen to gaze, try to be flexible over two or three nights (just in case).

Q. Can I do astro photography?

A. Yes, we encourage it! Bring your own tripod for glorious galaxy shots.

See more FAQs on our website.

IMAGE (Outback Astronomy):  Barrier Highway roadside clear of vegetation when accessing Outback Astronomy.