Tribute to Trevor - one 'Keck' of a kind

Broken Hill
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There are many persons in our lives we admire and look up  to.

Here’s one of Outback Astronomy’s favourite souls and he’s also a standout in the global astronomy community.

Meet Trevor Barry, a soft-mannered, humble, clever man. He is a native of Broken Hill, NSW, the town in Australia where Outback Astronomy is located.

Read his wonderfully descriptive profile in the Swinburne University alumni, Trevor’s passion and dedication to astronomy inspired the start-up of Outback Astronomy. He is a great role model for anyone facing decisions about which direction in life they should take to pursue their dreams!

Trevor is pictured during a visit to the Keck Observatory, near the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

In an interesting parallel to Trevor’s story, the Observatory “Keck” is named after an American businessman who came from a family whose fortune was based on resources and horseracing!

The Keck family is well known in American philanthropy, but their fortunes sprang from natural resources and spread to horse racing.

How grand is this similarity.

The rich fabric of the Broken Hill community, developed by the labour of hard-working miners most of whom enjoyed horse racing in their leisure time.

The St Pat’s Races held annually in March, has been a tradition in Broken Hill for more than 50 years, alongside the mining industry from where Trevor sprang.

Like the Keck family, Trevor shares freely with the world – the gift of observation and data, information that contributes to the wellbeing of humanity!

Enjoy reading Trevor’s story.

Photo credit: From Trevor’s library of interesting places he’s visited, seen here during his trek to Keck.