View Earth’s backyard from Broken Hill’s doorstep

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Think about this for a moment.

There are generations of people born in cities who have never experienced looking at a crystal clear dark sky that showcases the glorious Milky Way Galaxy.

This is apparent to us because people who attend an Outback Astronomy sky show tell us!

Incredible as it is to imagine, seeing the real, dark, clear night sky is an unreachable goal for many people.

Light pollution in large cities prohibits clear views of the night sky. Combined with the built-up environment which restricts the views otherwise possible, it is simply not a good idea to take up night sky observing in a city.

Outback Astronomy is intent on providing the opportunity to take in naked eye views of the natural night sky so that city folks can connect with the most astonishing object of all – our universe.

However, having a grand purpose is one thing. Achieving it is another.

This is why Outback Astronomy was thrilled to come to the attention of the NSW Small Business Commissioner recently,

It’s motivating for a small business in the Australian outback to be noticed by a city-centric economy.

We hope this small business will be bigger soon as more and more people strive to view the Earth’s backyard from our Broken Hill doorstep!

As a small, start-up business, we see a challenging yet exciting period ahead as we build astronomy tourism from this special dark sky site.

A key objective ahead of us is to build an observatory in Broken Hill.

This way we can continue with naked eye viewing as well as provide impressive telescope sights. Our strong belief in our astro-tourism offering will one day attract the necessary investment funds to realise our vision.

Please help us spread the word and encourage naked eye astronomy as an outstanding bucket list option for your future travels.

Photo: Outback Astronomy's outdoors set up for naked eye observing.