World record smashed

Event Broken Hill Science Week
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Broken Hill Space Matters

The ‪World Record‬ stargazing results for a local event in ‪‎Broken Hill‬, NSW, Australia, on 21 August 2015 are now official!

Outback Astronomy expected the previous record would be smashed to bits, and it was!

Guinness Book of World Record representatives have now officially advised lead organisers at Mt Stromlo the result for Most People Stargazing across Multiple Sites in Australia is now held by Australia with 7960 people across 37 sites.

 Broken Hill people were significant contributors  - 227 people were officially counted at this site.

Well done and thank you!

The previous record was held by Mexico with 3006 people across 33 sites.

This event was loads of work at the local level and at the official counting level so it’s no wonder the process takes so long.

Please note that the Broken Hill event could not have been possible without all the volunteer helpers. Thank you.

Perhaps we could do something like this again, no officialdom, just us locals under the stars sometime. We may call it the ‪”Broken Hill Star Party”.