Uncertainty about the intended timing of the launch of the James Webb space telescope has been removed.

Arianespace,the company that... Read more

Hubble James Webb

When the time comes, Hubble Space Telescope’s controllers will despatch a robot to push it toward Earth.

That will be the end of the HST... Read more

Asteroids Near Earch Objects NASA JPL

Earth residents – watch out. Or should I say, watch up!

Not that you’ll  “see” much, however, you can ponder!

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In this web space, we don’t want to be focusing too much on Outback Astronomy and whatever we get up to, but this is something we must blog about... Read more

Tourism Broken Hill NSW Far West NSW Australia

Today,Outback Astronomy became a finalist in the prestigious 2015 NSW Tourism Awards.

This is terrific news and a great boost to the Broken... Read more

Event Broken Hill Science Week

The ‪World Record‬ stargazing results for a local event in ‪‎Broken Hill‬, NSW, Australia, on 21 August 2015 are now official!

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Mars MRO Planets

This image of dark lines on slopes on the surface of planet Mars have been interpreted as representing the seasonal flow of salty water.

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Orion Asteroid Mars

It looks like double-decker seating is in store for the astronauts who travel in the Orion spacecraft.

NASA’s new spacecraft will be used... Read more


Humanity’s most experienced spaceman was just launched into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on a two day trip to the... Read more


How accurate must time be when testing Albert Einstein’s ideas about space-time?

At least to the accuracy of 1 second over 300 million... Read more