Think about this for a moment.

There are generations of people born in cities who have never experienced looking at a crystal clear dark... Read more

Ever wanted to be involved in a world record attempt for something, anything, just to knock it off your “must do” list?

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We begin to see the evening sky in Broken Hill brighten up with the crescent moon growing bigger until the next full moon in March.

It is a... Read more


Chinese astronomy endeavours, from the ancient to the new, are celebrated by Outback Astronomy this Chinese New Year’s Eve, 18 February 2015.... Read more


One of the advantages of experiencing a sky show under the vast outback Australia sky is the sense of perspective that is gained.

Size and... Read more

Inspiration Astronomy

What woman in her right mind would throw in her fighter pilot job?

One who is planning to go into orbit of course!

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Basic photographs taken, but brilliantly clear and memorable!

The TLE went off as expected, at the time expected, in the way expected.... Read more