Meet Stephanie Warhurst, 15, a Year 10 student at Broken Hill High School.

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Finally, a little piece of Outback Astronomy is going into space!

This is a great thing since we are in the business of astronomy. This... Read more

The latest big news is the arrival of MAVEN in the martian orbit. MAVEN means Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution – the fetching name of the... Read more

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Broken Hill, NSW, in the heart of outback Australia is a great place to soak up space and time.

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  • Sunday 17 August 2014
  • 9am to 2pm
  • Robinson College, Wentworth Road, Broken Hill, NSW... Read more

World Cup fever is not just about games.

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ESA/Hubble Information Centre says it is!

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NASA is celebrating Earth Day 2014 by inviting citizens to post selfies from their location, anywhere in the world.

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