Part of the bigger picture for Outback Astronomy involves setting up our people (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) in new jobs and new businesses... Read more

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People mistakenly think astronomy requires a powerful telescope and a high mountain in Chile.

Well, that would be nice if you were a... Read more

The International Space Station frequently passes over Broken Hill’s sky. As a speed of 7 km per second it will orbit Earth about 16 times a day... Read more

The largest volcano on Mars is Olympus Mons. At 26 km tall it’s three times higher than Mount Everest.

This is a mammoth object.

At... Read more

The optimum sky viewing season in Broken Hill is arguably all year on any clear night. However, if you wanted to be picky you could align this... Read more

The man who worked so diligently to prove up the existence of black holes, Stephen Hawking, now says he does not believe they exist!

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In Broken Hill we are blessed with lovely dark skies that seemingly go on forever. Stargazing here is easy. Just get into the backyard and start... Read more