Broken Hill

An Iconic City

With a fabulous, rich mining history that spans more than 130 years, there is plenty to see and do in the iconic city of Broken Hill.

A Vast Outback Setting

This region is alive with wildlife and native plants that have adapted to live through some amazing extremes of hot and cold temperatures, as well as extremely wet and dry periods.

Visit our beautiful and unique mining town and allow yourself to be immersed in the history of Earth and the elements that made us and our vast, ancient landscape.

At night time, come and enjoy the endless skies and marvel at the “Goldilocks conditions” we occupy in our spot near the Sun.

During the day can lose yourself in mining tours, museums, art galleries and the natural environment.

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What does the Outback Astronomy Night Sky Guide like to do during the day?

Your sky guide likes to explore the big outdoors, after a bit of a sleep in, of course. There are special places nearby that are on the “must do” list for a day trip! The Outback landscape is too spectacular to miss.

Here are some photographs from the personal collection of your Outback Astronomy Night Sky Guide.

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