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The Experience

Spectacular Sky Encounter 

Be enchanted and amazed by the clarity of the outback sky at night. 

Enjoy a panoramic sky view as you take a personalised virtual cruise through the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Our sky shows celebrate the views of the clear, vast outback sky in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. No cities around for hundreds of kilometres.

... hang out with the stars

These shows are entertaining and suitable for the night sky novice.

Concepts are demystified.

There’ll be no confusion.

Whether you are into space or not, you’ll enjoy the experience!

It’s an encounter of the fun kind!

See our sky show calendar to select from a variety of naked eye and telescope sky shows, scheduled to suit the moon cycle and the darkest skies.

The Naked Eye Astronomer

We’ll help you discover interesting knowledge through lazy sky gazing.

We’ll help you to locate objects in the sky you’ve probably heard about but not known where to look. Prepare to be humbled by this viewing experience but be prepared for a giggle as well.

Not only are there superstars in our neighbourhood, but some of the greatest mysteries of our time hang out there, right over our heads!

Sort the Fact from Fiction

  • What is Dark Energy?
  • Will an asteroid hit us?
  • Are we alone?
  • How important is the Moon?

There’s great fascination in the skies. Let us break it all down as you take your virtual space cruise.


Sky shows are scheduled and are published in the calendar

Sky shows are held at 18817 Barrier Highway, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880.

Our "space base" has toilets, electricity and running water! We have a lovely building that will be warm in winter for our pre-sky show briefings.

This location is less than 10 minutes drive from the Post Office in Broken Hill's Argent Street.

The property is at a lovely dark sky site on the edge of town with buildings and structures. As we develop this new location there will be other facilities for our guests, including an education/information resource facility, shop display and cosy warm seating areas to escape the evening chill as we move towards winter.


We use audio to ensure commentary is heard.

We can handle groups of up to 30 persons with audio. We invite you to bring your own ear phones (eg standard 3.5mm connector – same as used in mp3 player or tablet). If you don’t have any you can purchase from us when you make your booking. The commentary for each sky show is live!

Advance bookings and payments are essential.

This is real, down-to-earth informational entertainment at its natural best!

Come along and hang out with the stars!

Online Shop

We have established an online shop to assist budding astronomers take up the hobby.

You don’t need a big expensive telescope to get started. We suggest beginner astronomers start with star maps and moon maps and binoculars. We’ve identified a few models that will get you gazing tonight. Great for the price.

Buy online from our shop and collect when you attend your sky show.

What to Wear

The night time temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius from April to November in Broken Hill.

We host our shows outdoors under the brilliance of the vast outback skies. We suggest you dress appropriately for cold conditions to maximise your enjoyment of the sky shows.

In the cooler months, wear several layers of clothing including thermal underclothes if you have them. You can always peel off layers if you are warm.

Some guests even like to bring their own blanket and pillow! You’ll be reclined on a comfortable camp lounge for most of your sky show.

If you are concerned about being in Broken Hill without warm clothing, that’s not a problem. We have warm gear you can use during your sky show (no charge).

We suggest you wear:

  • Full length trousers and shirt – warm or thick fabrics
  • A combination of warm vest, jacket, wind jacket, overcoat
  • Scarf, beanie, gloves
  • Closed in shoes or boots with warm socks

Cloudy Weather?

Broken Hill usually has clear, dry conditions. Sometimes, it’s just not like that!

Rather than try to guess what the weather is doing, we will text or ring you by 4pm (or 5pm during daylight savings) on the day of your sky show with the latest weather information.

If you are in Broken Hill for a few days we encourage you to book your sky show early in your visit to maximise flexibility around the weather. Sometimes it’s easier to reschedule your sky show if you are in the city for a few days. Don’t feel locked into the date of your sky show.

In the event of quick-changing weather conditions on the night of your sky show, we assume the weather will be clear. Since we now have a permanent location, we recommend you arrive at our site as normal while we wait a few moments for any annoying cloud to move on. We can now exercise some flexibility with the start of our sky shows.

We are also developing some special cloudy night activities to keep you occupied and entertained. Keep reading ... see Alternative Hangouts!

Licensed Venue

Outback Astronomy is a licensed venue. When you attend your sky show, you may elect to purchase drinks from a limited range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.You can enjoy these during your sky show experience or afterwards as you gaze up and ponder the universe. You must be 18 years or older to purchase alcoholic beverages in New South Wales.

Liquor Act 2007
It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Snacks and Suppers

We have packaged cookies and savoury snacks available for purchase at our site. Alternatively, you may like something more substantial to share with your family and friends. When booking your sky show, you may opt to purchase a cheese platter. The platters require at least two days’ notice and cannot be refunded in the event the sky show is cancelled. However, Outback Astronomy will provide an Alternative Hangout in the event a sky show is cancelled due to cloudy weather! You can attend our sky show venue as intended and we will provide an indoor or outdoor presentation on a topic of interest.

Complimentary Tea and Coffee

Complimentary hot drinks will be served indoors or outdoors depending on if the weather is cold, and the style of your sky show event.

Hot Chocolate and Cookie $6

Select either the Cranberry & White Chocolate cookie or the Triple Chocolate Fudge cookie. A good snack to feed your mind as it fully absorbs your sky show information. Cookies individually wrapped and sourced externally.

Hot chocolate is served in a thermos mug that sits comfortably in your reclined chair.

Available at any sky show.

Fresh Bread & Dukkah-Oil-Balsamic Dip

Single Serve $11. This snack is for those who need to ‘graze as they gaze’. Not too heavy, but enough to beat off the hunger pains until your next snack. Turkish bread, fine olive oil and tangy balsamic with a special blend of toasty Egyptian dukkah.

Available during Hangouts on Fridays and Saturdays. Order a day in advance to allow time for us to source the freshest produce.

Cheese Board 2 Person Share $36

Some of the tastiest cheeses we know of are featured in your platter. They’ve been specially selected from among the best Australian produce for your enjoyment at your Outback Astronomy sky show.

The delicious cheeses, including one soft, one semi-soft and one hard, are sourced from the great cheese making centres of Australia. Contrasting wonderfully are accompaniments of seasonal fruit, a variety of nuts, raisins and seeds, and a beautifully balanced balsamic peppered fig compote and shiraz lemon myrtle marinated olives. These are served with kitchen lavosh and rosemary cheese biscuits. Australian wattleseed dukkah, made locally by a talented chef, can be sampled.

Platter elements are subject to availability. Product of an equivalent type and taste may be substituted if items are unavailable. We source local high quality gourmet elements where possible.

Available during Hangouts on Fridays and Saturdays. Order a day in advance to allow time for us to source the freshest produce.

Platter 4-6 Person Share $72

Skilfully made artisan cheeses are featured in this delightful platter, complementing the contrasting platter components. This is delicious grazing while you’re gazing – great for sharing among a small group of friends.

The delicious cheeses, including one soft, one semi-soft and one hard, are sourced from the great cheese making centres of Australia – Tasmania, King Island and Victoria. They are surrounded by tasty marinated olives, dried and fresh seasonal fruit, a selection of nuts, Turkish bread, crackers, kitchen lavosh and fig compote or quince paste, nestled amongst seasonal leafy shoots.

Platter elements are subject to availability. Product of an equivalent type and taste may be substituted if items are unavailable. We source local high quality gourmet elements where possible.

Available during Hangouts on Fridays and Saturdays. Order a day in advance to allow time for us to source the freshest produce.

Wine & French Taster (Single Serve) $22

Your quality French cuisine samplers are sourced directly from Occitania (formerly the "Midi-Pyrénées" area) in the south-west of France. The products are selected from artisan suppliers in Valence sur Baïse (Gers department) and the great city of Toulouse (Haute Garonne department).

This evening you will taste exquisite pâté de canard (duck paté) or rillettes pur canard au foie gras (duck rillettes paté with whole foie gras) with locally sourced fresh bread. These seasoned duck products are prepared by French chefs, from specially selected ingredients, using traditional methods respectful of the Occitania terroir.

Your samplers will be accompanied by a glass of Australian Shiraz.

We’ve sourced these French tasters from a local importer, a Frenchman in Broken Hill, who is delighted to introduce you to these gourmet artisan delicacies.

Available during Hangouts on Fridays and Saturdays. Order a day in advance to allow time for us to source the freshest produce. We can substitute fresh bread with crispy crackers or toast with short notice!

Alternative Hangouts

We cannot guarantee a 100% crystal clear sky for gazing but we can have you fully engaged in an interesting and interactive talk about the sky, space and other matters!

At times when the weather does not cooperate with our best hopes, Outback Astronomy may fill the void with an Alternative Hangout. Our venue is comfortable and warm and you might still be able to enjoy an evening out, perhaps outdoors, by a campfire, with opportunistic telescope viewing. Alternative Hangouts will require minimum numbers. We'll keep you informed on the day of your booking if the Alternative Hangout is to proceed.

When making your booking online, at the payment section, you will be asked to select an option from the following list in the event of cloudy weather:

Option 1

I have flexibility around a few evenings. Please ring me.

For example, some people are in Broken Hill for a few nights and have flexibility over several evenings to attend a sky show. You’ll be likely to select the first option.

Option 2

I’m happy to attend an “Alternative Hangout” presentation as described.

For example, some people have fixed plans and may have intended to see the stars but clouds rolled in and stubbornly would not move. If you have a fixed date for gazing and we can attract another group of people to join you, perhaps this second option will suit you. We may offer a choice of a complementary snack or drink, or offer a small refund for a portion of the sky show component of any full fare booking (note that we cannot apply refunds to sky shows that are already discounted eg children, students and seniors). The refund offer will depend upon the specific details of your booking. We will discuss details with you at the time we decide to host the Alternative Hangout. Please note that we may not host an Alternative Hangout on every occasion. If you are unable to reschedule and we do not host this alternative, then you will be refunded in full.

Option 3

Please refund me – I really wanted to see the stars.

For example, you may be visiting Broken Hill from a city with bright lights and you never see the night sky. Perhaps this visit to Broken Hill is your once in a lifetime opportunity to see the outback stars. Maybe the third option is the one that suits you.