What can I expect to see during my Outback Astronomy experience?

Your feet may be firmly planted on Earth but we'll set fire to your imagination and in no time at all, you'll be travelling off into space on your virtual galactic tour.

Tour narration is provided by a knowledgeable sky guide in real time. You'll have ear phones connected to your personal audio. You may opt not to use the audio system, but you may miss the commentary. You'll be in the great outdoors.

Outback Astronomy has a new location with structures and permanent facilities in place! So whilst the sky shows will be held outdoors, there will be an indoors area for warmth and drinks.

With your naked eyes you will soak up the vastness of the Outback skies. You will gain a sense of the scale of our home Galaxy. We will highlight amazing celestial objects using a bright light pointer. Using powerful binoculars if you wish, you can focus in on these spectacular objects, including nebulae, star clusters and other galaxies. In some sky shows we may use a telescope. Soon, telescopes will become a permanent feature of our sky shows.

All guests will have a chair for use at sky shows. We generally use a reclined camping lounge although you can request an upright  "director's" chair. We ask that you don't move about in the dark!

Our standard naked eye sky shows last 60 minutes and telescope shows 90 minutes. There is a requirement to attend the viewing site 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your sky show. It's also a good time to grab a tea or coffee, included in your sky show price. We try to encourage everyone to be on time as latecomers' car headlights can be distracting once we power down the lights.

NB Late arrivals will not be possible at our new location as the building entrance will be locked 10 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled sky show time.


Guests are invited to provide testimonials about their sky show experiences.

No matter what sky show theme or which evening you attend, the one thing in common that our guests seem to take away with them is a new sense of understanding, respect and awe for our position in the universe as well as the fragility and very special nature of human life in the cosmos.

Your Outback Astronomy hosts expect you may feel humbled by this special night sky experience.

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