What if it is cloudy or stormy?

This is why we ask for your mobile phone contact number. You will be contacted by us with either a text or voice call in the event of changes to the program due to poor weather.

Our experience suggests that a cloudy day does not necessarily translate into a cloudy night! Unless weather radar maps show extensive, stubborn cloud cover, we find it best to assume the Sky Shows will proceed.

However, there are occasions when clouds hang about and don't clear off before the scheduled start time. Subject to discussion with all guests who booked and paid in advance, we can move the start time to a slightly later time, ensuring clouds have moved on. If you are unable to accommodate this change (for example a delay of an hour or so) you may elect to receive a full refund. At other times we extend the duration of the sky show to accommodate time lost due to passing bands of cloud. Though this is an unusual situation as in Broken Hill, it tends to be definitely clear or cloudy, rather than an unpredictable mix.

Flexibility during your stay in Broken Hill

If you are super excited to see the great outback sky, then stay in the city a few extra nights. Discuss your plans with us early as we may be able to recommend accommodation, best time of year to visit, and other helpful tips for your travel.

When you are here, you may be able to reschedule from one sky show to another, subject to availability.  It's a good idea to let us know at the time of your booking if you have flexibility to attend sky shows on different evenings. There is a prompt for this information when you make an online booking.