I have poor hearing and use a hearing aid. Will I hear the sky guide?

Based upon our experiences so far, guests put their hearing aids safely away during the sky show and use ear phones with great satisfaction.

However, if you cannot do this, please advise us in advance of your sky show. We have a limited number of headsets that plug into our audio units that are compatible eith hearing aids with T-mode. Any hearing aid device which is telecoil-equipped should be turned to the  “T” position or have the program changed to use the telecoil.

We do recommend that you bring your own ear phones (or purchase from us when you attend your sky show). If the technology options are unsuitable, then we can endeavour to have you continue to use your hearing aid whilst seated in a location not too far from the sky guide.

Can I use my own headset or ear phones?

Yes, and we highly recommend you do.

The ear phone connection to our wireless audio equipment is a standard round single 3.5 mm jack.

We also sell ear phones at our venue. They are yours to keep after the sky show. Prices may change, but early 2018 they ar $5 each.

Can I smoke my pipe, cigar or cigarette while stargazing?

No.Our venue is a smoke-free facility.

We must remain mindful of the comfort of all guests.

We also consider the effect of tobacco smells and ashes when near our sensitive equipment.

Do you ever use telescopes in your shows?

Hangouts on most  Friday and Saturday nights as well as public holidays include telescope viewing and have an extended show time.

Can I take photographs?

Not during naked eye sky shows however, let us know prior to attending and we can try to make time after the sky show.

Our Friday and Saturday hangouts, which incorporate telescope viewing in small groups,  can facilitate photography. Bring your own gear or talk to us in advance, eg if you would like to borrow a tripod.


Are there discounts for anyone else?

 Refer to pricing at the time of booking.

What is the recommended age for children to attend?

Outback Astronomy sky shows are not recommened for children aged 5 years and under.

Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.

Pricing for children who attend scheduled sky shows is visible at the time of booking.

Children up to 5 years of age in attendance must be paid for if attending with their family if they occupy a reclined or upright chair. Very young children may not be issued with audio units or optical equipment. These decisions will be made on the day, at the discretion of Outback Astronomy staff.

In the event of a noisy or distracting atmosphere, they and their supervising adult may be required to leave the sky dome viewing area if instructed to do so by the sky guide.

Note that when lower prices are offered equipment restrictions may also be imposed.

We can host special sky shows for children and school groups.

Sky shows can be arranged for older students. Please enquire to discuss themes and prices.

What if I get hungry or thirsty?

Outback Astronomy is a licensed venue and you may purchase from a limited range of drinks and snacks at our venue. Select from options when booking online.