Friends of Outback Astronomy

Friends of Outback Astronomy WANTED

During March 2014, Outback Astronomy started life as a small, personalised night sky tour business.

We want to make astronomy fun and accessible for ordinary people.

This is tremendous for Broken Hill because we can capitalise on a seriously wonderful asset – our vast, clear night sky.

Over time, we hope that Outback Astronomy will grow into a bigger business which can offer deeper sky views using powerful telescopes.

For these plans, we need to construct an observatory in Broken Hill.

We would like this observatory to be located at our new location, 18817 Barrier Highway, Broken Hill.

To progress these plans, Outback Astronomy seeks to establish a community of supporters!

We are calling this community the Friends of Outback Astronomy.



A key goal of Outback Astronomy is to entertain visitors to Broken Hill who want to immerse themselves in fun night sky shows. We want to build a successful commercial business.

Another goal of Outback Astronomy is to build the observatory so that we can develop a brand new astronomy tourism business for our region.

With these facilities we can exploit Broken Hill’s ideal location to celebrate astronomy.

Outback Astronomy will become a catalyst for local economic growth and development.


Why do we need Friends?

We are taking a grassroots approach to business and community development.

We are building a business from the bottom up.

To grow this business we need Friends. With the support of Friends we can create amazing astronomy tourism experiences. Some Friends may have ideas for us on how to raise funds to build our observatory. Other Friends may like to help us fundraise for the observatory!

Some will want to help us because they see a future in the iconic city of Broken Hill as a fabulous destination.

Others may have mining interests and see the links between mining and astronomy as an inevitability of the future.


How do I join?

Click here to join. It’s a short process – less than a minute!


What benefits will I receive?

Commencing during 2017, we will email a two-page newsletter twice a year to Friends.

It will contain details of benefits. These will be posted here in the future. We will offer discounts for online purchases that are exclusive to Friends.

We will provide updates on the Observatory project and let you know about milestones and key activities.

On special occasions, Friends will become our guests. Friends will be invited to attend specific gatherings at Outback Astronomy, Broken Hill. Details will be in the newsletter.


Does it cost money to join?



Can I be a Friend if I live outside of Broken Hill or outside of Australia?


We envisage that many Friends may be former residents of Broken Hill who now live elsewhere but still have a passion to support the sustainability and economic success of Broken Hill.