Learn More About The Experience

The Naked Eye Astronomer

We’ll help you discover interesting knowledge through lazy sky gazing. We’ll help you to locate objects in the sky you’ve probably heard about but not known where to look. Prepare to be humbled by this viewing experience. With powerful night sky binoculars, we’ll show you some spectacular objects to gaze at that your eyes alone will not see. You can devour the outback sky in enjoyable bites.

Crazy Stuff! Upside Down!

Not only are there superstars in our neighbourhood, but some of the greatest mysteries of our time hang out there, right over our heads! Did you ever suspect that the well-known romantic cult heroes celebrated throughout the ages are on their heads? Gain a southerner’s views on what’s up there.

Sort the Fact from Fiction

  • What is Dark Energy?
  • Will an asteroid hit us?
  • Are we alone?
  • How important is the Moon?

There’s great fascination in the skies. We’ll break it down for you as you take your personalised tour with our night sky guide. Your feet won’t leave the ground.

Where and When

Our shows run on selected evenings on the edge of Broken Hill where sky viewing is superb. See our Tour Times here. We will be adding more tours regularly throughout the year.

These are personalised sky tours. Group numbers are limited and advance bookings and payments are essential.