The Observatory Project

Welcome to a new business!

Outback Astronomy is a new business in Broken Hill.

It’s our plan to make astronomy entertaining, simple and fun.

Everything that we do will be suitable for the night sky novice.

Check out our scheduled shows here.

Bigger business plans

Outback Astronomy is a predecessor to another new business in Broken Hill.

It will feature a variety of experiences that celebrate the viewing of the clear night skies in Broken Hill – but it will require construction of permanent facilities including an observatory with powerful telescopes. During 2013, a robust business case was completed.

When will this Observatory be built?

We take the view that “as soon as possible” is likely to mean several years.

To assist with capital raising, we will become armed with knowledge and experience derived from Outback Astronomy.

We welcome support and donations from anybody who believes they can contribute to helping us achieve our vision.