Flat Mat Gazing (2020)


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Participant #1

This is designed to help you get started in stargazing. Bring your yoga mat, dress warmly and bring a blanket and pillow. Bring your own binoculars but they are not necessary. Absorb knowledge you can take away for your next gazing trip.



Would you like to understand the sky better so that stargazing was not so confusing?

Do patterns and cycles of the sky, day or night, intrigue you or mystify you?

This brief introduction to the sky at dusk is designed to make stargazing less confusing and to help you make sense of patterns that you may notice from time to time.

Your knowledgeable sky guide will explain how to understand the sky for your future dark sky gazing. The event is timed to commence at dusk.

During this event, you will be stargazing on a flat mat. You must either bring your own mat (a yoga mat is ideal), or hire one from us for a small fee when you book online. No person will be allowed to flat stargaze without a mat. You can bring a fold up chair if you prefer.

Bring your own binoculars for this event.

Bring your own warm gear – blanket, beanie, gloves and scarf.

The duration of this event is 30 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes at the start for a briefing.

No audio units issued. If needed, a public address system will be used.

Not suitable for very young children. If they attend, they must be paid for.