Hang out with the Stars®

Hang out with the Stars® informs you about the night sky when viewed from planet Earth. Unwind under the diamond-studded sky and view iconic objects. We’ll provide binoculars and telescopes so you can see more detail. You need to bring a blanket for each guest in your group. The sky guide narrates the view in real time so bring your ear phones too, or buy a set from us. We supply all other equipment.

The standard booking fee to attend this sky show is $72 per person. Book the enhanced experience, the PLUS option, at $127 per person. The PLUS option includes a personal food and beverage service under the stars by your reclined chair. Alternatively, make a standard booking and add other food and beverage options to your shopping cart before you checkout.

$72 Standard Show $127 PLUS Option

Please select a Sky Show and date from the calendar:


Standard Sky Show. No food or beverage inclusions. You may select other food and drink options in the next part of booking process.

PLUS Option. Includes variety of cheeses, crackers, salami, fresh and dried fruits (seasonal), nuts, chocolate and bread and hommus dip. Served with a glass of wine or a beer, or soft drink, at your reclined chair.

(For more information on food options click here)


Please provide a mobile phone number, not landline number, with your booking so that we can contact you if there are any changes and to confirm event details on the day via text message.

Number of People


Have you ever wondered if there is life elsewhere amongst the stars of the cosmos? Tonight, take time to ponder the possibilities from the comfort of your reclined camping lounge.

The sky and its treasures are explained by your knowledgeable sky guide, using simple language, demystifying the complexities of space. See the sky above with new insight as famous celestial objects like star clusters and nebulae are revealed. Your celestial feast includes views of the biggest and brightest stars seen from planet Earth. Well-known constellations will be highlighted.

The night sky is beautiful and the view is spectacular from our dark sky location.

During warmer months in the southern hemisphere sky we view galaxies with our naked eyes, binoculars and telescopes.

Gain knowledge that enhances your understanding of astronomy and the universe.

  • Find out how we know so much about places we have never been to
  • Ponder this most famous question … “Are we alone?”
  • Enjoy examples of classical western mythology
  • Learn about some of the famous Australian Aboriginal interpretations of the night sky
  • Hear about interpretations of the night sky by other cultures

You will be comfortably reclined on a camping lounge.

Your sky guide will explain the view overhead and you will hear via your personal audio unit.

No astronomy knowledge is required to attend this event.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

We lockdown and darken our site at least 15 minutes before the start time.

Please see our FAQ page for further information.

Additional information


• Social distancing rules must be followed.
• Our sky dome can accommodate generous spaces between individuals and groups, beyond social distancing requirements.
• Family groups can be bundled together. Strangers or non-family groups must keep there chairs as they are placed.
• Please note that until further notice, Outback Astronomy will not issue warm gear like gloves, beanies, blankets or sleeping bags.

Earphones Required

We use an audio system in the sky show. You will need to bring your 3.5mm round plug earphones – or you can purchase some here with your booking if you don't have any. The following earphone connectors are not suitable – flat Apple, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi.


This advice applies no matter where you live, whether it be Australia’s coldest places or the alps in France, Switzerland or Austria. Please observe the following:
• In winter (June, July, August) you must plan to wear six layers, including thermals.
• In summer (December, January, February) you must plan to need to wear three layers.
• In the shoulder seasons of autumn (March, April, May) and spring (September, October, November) you must plan to wear four to six layers on any evening.
Outback Astronomy is located in a cold and dry part of inland outback Australia. We understand how the temperature can be so cold in the evenings.
In winter your hosts will be dressed in six to seven layers and in summer your hosts may wear three or four layers. You should plan to do the same. In addition you will need a blanket, beanie, gloves and scarf.
See FAQs for more information.


• Blanket or sleeping bag in winter, shoulder seasons
• Light blanket and jacket in summer in the event of a cool change
• Ear phones, see FAQs for more information


• Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
• We open the venue 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.


• Binoculars
• Telescopes
• Audio unit that hangs about your neck for duration of event
• Chairs
• Tables as needed for personal food and beverage service

Young Children

• This sky show is not suitable for children aged 0 to 5 years.
• Very young children in attendance must be paid for.
• We are unable to offer discounted pricing for this event.
• Very young children are not issued with sensitive or heavy instruments (including audio units or binoculars). If they are unable to understand or follow directions, a pre-requisite for this activity, it is unlikely they will be able to use a telescope. Decisions will be made at the discretion of Outback Astronomy staff. Parents and guardians are invited to contact us for further information or advice prior to purchasing tickets.


• Guests should order food and beverages at the time of booking where possible.
• Bar service is available before the sky show. If you plan to purchase drinks at the venue, please ensure you arrive early. We stock premium and house wines, beer, soft drink, hot chocolate and bottled water. Guests must be aged 18 years or older to purchase alcoholic beverages.
• It is too late to order food when you arrive.
• However, if your booking was made well in advance of your travel plans, you may contact us to purchase food to be served during your event. Please try to provide 24 hours’ notice if possible to avoid disappointment.