Milky Way Hangout

Hang out under the Milky Way Galaxy as you explore countless stars nestled in its hazy band. This sky show is all about your home galaxy and where you fit in. This sky show explains the iconic winter sky galaxy view. The naked eye viewing is spectacular. We will provide access to binoculars and telescopes for more detailed views. Please bring your own ear phones or buy a set from us when you book online.

You must bring a blanket for each guest in your group. You will be in a reclined chair.

The standard booking fee to attend this sky show is $72 per person.

Alternatively, book an enhanced experience! The PLUS option, at $127 per person, includes food and beverage service under the stars, a personal set of binoculars for use on the evening.

$72 Standard Show $127 PLUS Option

Please select a Sky Show and date from the calendar:

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Make a standard booking if you wish to select from these food and beverage options.

Please provide a mobile phone number, not landline number, with your booking so that we can contact you if there are any changes and to confirm event details.



The band of the Milky Way is a lost view for many people across the world due to light pollution, haze, vegetation and built-up environments.

In this sky show see the natural Milky Way Galaxy. It is a magnificent view, dripping with stars.

Learn about our home galaxy and gain perspective about your place within it. This sky show proceeds in clear, dark conditions. It is a great way to become acquainted with the most beautiful, sparkling canvas above you, our night sky.

Thousands of stars, swaddled in the hazy band above, will shine brightly for you as your sky guide dissects the galaxy. Allow yourself to be transported away, as if on a virtual galactic cruise, or stay in the moment and listen and learn from your sky guide.

Shift your senses into hyperdrive as you become deeply immersed in space.

All guests will be comfortably reclined on a camping lounge. All guests must bring their own ear phones or buy from us when you book this sky show. See further details about appropriate ear phones in the FAQs.

STANDARD guests must bring a blanket for each guest and can access binocular and telescope equipment for more detailed views.

PLUS guests receive a set of binoculars for their personal use during the evening and will have a side table next to chairs. The food and beverage service is served at your chair side for enjoyment under the stars.

No astronomy knowledge is required to attend this event.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

We lockdown and darken our site at least 15 minutes before the start time.

Please see our FAQ page for further information about appropriate clothing to wear from April to September, when outdoors at night in Broken Hill.

Additional information

Stay safe and warm during the COVID-19 pandemic

• Social distancing rules must be followed
• Our sky dome can accommodate generous spaces between individuals and groups, beyond social distancing requirements
• Family groups can be bundled together. Strangers or non-family groups must keep their chairs as they are placed
• Please note that Outback Astronomy will not issue gloves or beanies

Earphones required

We use an audio system in the sky show. You will need to bring your 3.5mm round plug earphones – or you can purchase some here with your booking if you don't have any.
The following earphone connectors are not suitable – flat Apple, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi.

Stay Warm

Please observe the following:
• From April to September you must plan to wear six layers, including thermals
• At other times of the year you must plan to wear three layers and also bring an extra coat or blanket
In winter your hosts will be dressed in six to seven layers. You should plan to do the same. In addition you will need a beanie, gloves and scarf
See FAQs for more information

Bring These

• Blanket or sleeping bag
• Light blanket and jacket in summer in the event of a cool change
• Ear phones, see FAQs for more information

Arrival Time

• Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time or as may be advised on the day via a text message
• Gates close 20 minutes before the scheduled start time unless a different process is notified via a text message on the day of your sky show
• It is essential you read any text messages sent to you on the day of your sky show

We Supply

• Optical equipment, eg binoculars, telescope
• Audio unit – on a lanyard that must hang about your neck for duration of event
• Chairs
• PLUS GUESTS also receive a side table for personal food and beverage service

Young Children

• This sky show is not suitable for children aged 0 to 5 years
• Very young children in attendance must be paid for
• We are unable to offer discounted pricing for this event
• Very young children are not issued with sensitive or heavy instruments (including audio units or binoculars)

Note about children 5 years and younger:
If your child is unable to understand or follow directions, a pre-requisite for this activity, it is unlikely they will be able to use a telescope or care for a sensitive audio unit. Decisions will be made at the discretion of Outback Astronomy staff. Parents and guardians are invited to contact us for further information or advice prior to purchasing tickets.