Moonlit Sizzle (2020)

$86 Standard Show $121 PLUS Option

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Please make your food selection below and also provide contact details for our Covid record.

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Join us for this special dinner and sky show combination event. It’s a bright moon tonight but still an entertaining and informative evening for gathering outdoors in warmer months.


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As the sun drops behind the hills, sip on a cold drink and take in the view. See the changing colours on the distant horizon.

Your entry price includes dinner and a sky show. The dome-side bar will be open for additional beverages that can be purchased throughout the night.

This is a casual event. There is no set format unless celestial timings require us to observe at certain times.

As this is a brightly moonlit evening, the event will focus on the biggest, boldest and brightest objects in the sky tonight. The Moon is of course amongst these. We will also consider any of the visible planets if in the sky tonight and share the story of the stars above. Telescope and binocular viewing will be possible for part of this evening. Your naked eyes will do the rest of the gazing.

Dinner is at the stargazing site.

You can select one of the following deconstructed burgers:

  • Betelgeuse homemade beef burger with salad and homemade tangy sauce
  • Sirius chicken breast burger with salad and homemade tangy sauce
  • Vindemiatrix Vegie burger with salad and homemade tangy sauce (V)
  • Algedi salad and goat’s cheese, with crackers and nuts (no burger) (GF)

A beverage is also included in the price. Select from:

  • Glass of Red or White Wine
  • Beer
  • Apple Cider
  • Soft Drink or Bottled Water
  • Hot Chocolate

Please advise any dietary requirements when booking.

The PLUS service includes a mini cheese, crackers, nuts and fruit plate, and an additional drink from the selection above.

You will be dining along-side our stargazing site, the Sky Dome. The view is amazing. You’ve likely never dined in the open air in the outback before, so get ready to tick it off the bucket list.

Our outdoors dining experience is simple but exclusive as we limit attendances to small groups.

Bookings are essential and must be received 24 hours in advance of the dinner.

It is important to arrive at the scheduled start time.

Moonlit Sizzle is currently not suitable for children as some ground works are still taking place, including fencing. Many of our works have been prolonged or prevented by impacts of the pandemic.