The Sky Tonight

Take a virtual sky cruise tonight as your sky guide shows you famous celestial objects and highlights the brightest stars and star patterns.
Bring your own warm blanket or sleeping bag! We can’t supply warm gear until further notice.

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The Sky Tonight PLUS sky show includes a food and beverage option served under the stars.


We use an audio system in the sky show.  You will need bring your 3.5mm (round) earphones - or you can purchase some here with your booking if you don't have any.


As part of our compliance with COVID-19 requirements we need to collect the personal details of all people attending a sky show, not just the person making the booking.  If you could enter the required information now, that would be appreciated.

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As you take this virtual sky, you’ll hear interesting facts about the night sky and the intriguing objects it harbours.

Enjoy the sparkling view as you gaze into star clusters and have famous star constellations highlighted for you.

It’s a sky show that highlights whatever is overhead, eg moon, planets.

You’ll be comfortably seated in an upright chair, armed with a powerful pair of binoculars. Famous objects in the sky tonight will be highlighted as your sky guide peppers the sky show commentary with interesting facts. The sky view is enormous and you will be treated to a panoramic visual feast as you hear about our home star the Sun and how we fit into the night sky on planet Earth.

No astronomy knowledge is required to attend this event.

See our FAQ page for further information.