Combination Dinner & Sky Show Events

Sky dome dining events are scheduled throughout the year at different times.

The Moon Graze event is held around the time of the Full Moon. Guests dine on the sky dome verandah under the Moon and may follow up dinner with telescope and binocular views of the Moon and other prominent objects like planets if overhead.

Guests select an entree from 1, 2 or 3

1. Carrot, Sweet Potato & Capsicum Soup

These roasted red giants of the vegetable world blend well to create a creamy, delicious starter. GF V

2. Bread and Dukkah Dip

Legitimately play with your food tonight – you will love our special Egyptian dukkah too. V

3. Trendy Salad

Quinoa may be hipster subculture, but this pilaf-like starter is an appetizing overture that awakens your taste receptors. V

and a main course from A, B or C

A. Chandrasekhar Curry

Our fragrant take on a classic Indian chicken curry – no limit to the flavour (pun intended … the Chandrasekhar Limit … get it? … we can explain in the sky talk). Plus rice & vege side.

B. Galactic Spicy Beef Skewers

Out of this world – 24 hour marinated – tasty, tasty, tasty. Plus rice & salad side. GF

C. Greek Lentil Salad

A medley of flavours, tossed and turned with fetta, greens and herbs, the way the Greeks do. You can request fetta-free. GF V

From time to time we will feature samples of these dishes in the Sky Dome Café menu. We can try to accommodate a dish to suit you. Please ask us.

In warm months we host Sunset Sizzle. In cool months we host Dinner by Dusk. Both of these events may be hosted before your sky show, so the focus is on easy, relaxed dining by the sky dome.

Guests may select from this type of menu for either time of year.

On cool evenings the ice-cream chaser may be replaced with a thermos of hot chocolate or mug of hot soup.

Sausage Sizzle & Ice-Cream Chaser

BBQ sausages with fried onion and sauce in sliced bread, and an ice-cream chaser.

Chicken Sizzle & Ice-Cream Chaser

BBQ chicken breast with salad on bread roll with mayo, and an ice-cream chaser

BBQ Sizzle Steak Salad Roll & Ice-Cream Chaser

Thin steak sizzled on BBQ with salad in a roll, plus sauce, and an ice-cream chaser.

Crumbed Fish & Ice-Cream Chaser

BBQ crumbed fish with salad, on bread roll with mayo, and an ice cream chaser.