Stargaze like an ancient these holidays

Outback Astronomy
Outback Astronomy
Stargaze like an ancient

Ever wondered what the ancient folks saw in the sky? Speculate no further!

These holidays Outback Astronomy highlights the iconic star patterns not just seen by Homo sapiens thousands of years ago, but invented by them. The Broken Hill sky is dark and you will see the winged horse (and his foal), the swan in flight, the porpoise head and the eagle of Zeus.

For a few more evenings the scorpion is visible with the sure-shot archer aiming right at its red supergiant heart. Book a sky show in the first two weeks of October 2018 and all will be revealed.

We will cruise the galaxy beyond the next new moon highlighting beautiful constellations visible in our Milky Way from Broken Hill.

Through November we continue the gazing with the appearance of the chained princess and the awful sea monster. By now the bull is rising, bringing with it the superstars of the hunter, the big dog and the keel of the ancient ship the Argo Navis.

Treat the family to a delightful and different evening entertainment these holidays!

Image –  Canopus signals the rise of the Argo Navis

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