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Justin, Sydney, attended August 2016

What a wonderful night. The vastness of the starry night spread out above us as Linda informs and entertains, all wrapped up on cold nights in a sleeping bag, whilst being warmed by a thermos of hot chocolate.

Close up views of distant planets through a telescope, scanning the distant heavens with binoculars, and feeling the vastness of our universe make for a memorable experience.

Caitlin, Mildura, Vic, attended February 2016

Such a fantastic experience! I didn’t realise there was so much to see and learn about the night sky until I saw it through binoculars. It’s something we take for granted every night! (we had) a very approachable and knowledgeable guide – (they) created a very safe learning environment for our group.

Caitlin, Maitland, NSW, attended February 2016

I had such a fantastic experience tonight. What a great introduction to astronomy ...incredibly knowledgeable in everything from constellations to history! Thanks ... for a really memorable Broken Hill experience!

Caite, Melbourne, Vic, attended February 2016

Fantastic stellar experience. Can’t thank you enough for the sparkling opportunity to take a snap shot view of our universe!

Sophie, Sydney, NSW, attended February 2016

This experience was absolutely amazing! The sky guide’s knowledge of the night sky was quite literally ‘out of this world’. The whole experience was so comfortable, from the chairs to the hot chocolate and the warm blankets! Thank you so much for a wonderful night!

Jason, Ballina, NSW, attended February 2016

A stellar night – the sky guide was extremely knowledgeable and the entire experience was one I highly recommend.

Miguel and Marisa, Ourense, Spain

Really interesting and inspiring talk. The sky was beautiful and really clear. Worth coming from such a long way!

Larry, Broken Hill, NSW

Breathtaking. My wife and I had a wonderful evening last night exploring the heavens with Outback Astronomy. This is a very well run and professional attraction, I urge everyone to take the time to look at this attraction. It’s not just for tourists, although they will love seeing the clear skies with millions of stars that Broken Hill offers. ... you guys are Stars. (23/3/15)

Ray, Melbourne, VIC

Great to hear about constellations. Have some knowledge now to encourage me to use my telescope in Melbourne. Great value.

Carly and Lindon, Broken Hill, NSW

Lindon ... A totally unique experience in the Australian outback, especially for the deep thinkers out there ... as myself!! Very intriguing!! Thanks guys.

Carly ... Great view with tons of information. Dress warm and be prepared to learn.