Outback Astronomy - The Experience


Be enchanted and amazed by the clarity of the outback sky at night.

Enjoy a panoramic sky view as you take a personalised virtual cruise through the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our sky shows celebrate the views of the clear, vast outback sky in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. No cities around for hundreds of kilometres.

You will be comfortably reclined on a camping lounge armed with a personal audio unit to hear your sky guide. Outback Astronomy supplies all equipment and optical instruments. When you start to book your sky show, you may also like to book yourself a delicious hot chocolate.

Please note that during the pandemic each guest must bring a blanket. You must also ensure your dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Whether you are into space or not, you’ll enjoy the experience! It’s an encounter of the fun kind.

No prior astronomy knowledge required.


Such a quandary. These most popular sky shows are hosted on dark, clear evenings and both involve telescope, binocular and naked eye viewing.

The Milky Way Hangout is hosted in the cool months and is all about the winter sky. Hang out with the Stars® is hosted in warmer months when the brightest stars in the galaxy are overhead.

Scroll through our calendar of events to find a sky show and a date that suits you.


We host The Sky Tonight in between dark skies so expect the Moon to be part of your entertainment. Get to know your Moon as well as stars, planets and space missions.

A commercial kitchen and bar is conveniently located next to our star gazing site. We schedule dinners and barbecues before sky shows, eg Dinner by Dusk and Sunset Sizzle. Enjoy food and beverages under the stars. Book delightful treats from our range of offerings.

Please do not bring your own foods or beverages to our licensed venue as we manage an outdoors environment where conditions are unpredictable. We have created service under the stars that suits our venue and these conditions.

On Sundays and other selected days, the kitchen supplies the Sky Dome Café. Meet up with your family and friends in the calm outdoors environment of Outback Astronomy. The Sky Dome Café is also a licensed venue with a large grassed outdoor area for guests to enjoy casual lunches or snacks and barista coffees.


At your sky show you will use a personal audio unit to hear live commentary by your knowledgeable sky guide.

Please bring your own ear phones (eg standard 3.5mm connector as used in mp3 players or tablets). If you don’t have any you can purchase from us when you make your booking.

Advance bookings and payments are essential.